I haz picktures

I haz picktures my human taked of me on my puter but I dont know hows to make them be on this blooggie thingie. OK?


My human haz a new computer. He put it up on a thingie so I can’t nap on it and get my fur inside it. But he gived me his old computer and it is now my own computer. It won’t compute no more but when I turn it on the keyboard thingie gets nice and toasty warm for me to curl up on. OK?

Yesterday morning before the sun woke up I was nappin’-u know us kitty cats never really sleep, we just nap a whole lot-in our bed beside my silly human when my extraordinary kitty senses told me that something very nasty was going to happen.

So I tried to make my silly human open his eyes, but he wouldn’t, even when I tried to turn off his breathin’ machine that makes air go into his nose so I had to creep underneath his blanket thingie and dance on his hairy chest with my claws all the way out until he threw the blanket off and before he would sit up the bed started shakin’ and I jumped off the bed onto the floor and ran and hidded underneath my eatin’ table in the kitchen.

My silly human came kookin’ for me and later told me that it was a earthquack that happened and not to be afraid. Me? Afraid? I am a kitty cat and kitty cats are never afraid-well, almost never.

U know how my silly human rewarded me for tryin’ to save his life? Later he stuffed me in to that suitcase he calls my cat carrier and taked me to see my doctor, Caryl, and she sticked me with a needle-thingie and made me drink nasty medicine and even clipped my claws. So do u thunk that was nice for my silly human to do after I waked him up so the earthquackie things wouldn’t shake him to death? OK?

BTW-that’s the way us bloggin’ kitty cats say by the way, I think-this WordPressy thing gets harder and hard to use every time I try to write sompin’. My human says that I out to switch to Blogger but I dun’t want to lose everthin’ I already writ and it sounds like a lot of work jist when it is warm outside and there are lots of birdies and squirrelies to chase play with me. Want do you think? OK?

It Is NOT True!

My silly human wrote to a blogger who always drinks alcohol when she blogs that I am buzzed when I blog ‘cause of imbibing catnip. I use catnip moderately and recommend that all kitties do, too.

Sorry I was away: I had to run around in circles and take a catnap. Now where was I? Puuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I dun’t Understand

I dun'[t understand the WordPress thingie3. It changed since I lasted bloggeded. I dun’t know how to make a picktur be on my blog. I have a picktur I want to show you but dun’t know how to do it. Also, the spell checkin’ thingie dun’t work no more. OK?


Look at this video. I think it is my momma and maybe my brothers and sisters.


My Fav Food