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I Haz New Toys!

My human has bought me some new toys ‘cause I keeps losing my toys. My old toys are under things where I cants reach them. You know, like furniture and stuff.

So my human come home the other day with a birdie thingie on a string on a stick. My silly human taunts me with the birdie. He floats it above my head and I trys to grab it. Sometimes I do grab it. One time I even yanked the stick thingie out of my human’s paws!

My human also brought me a mousie things that runs around the floor and my human pushes button and the mousie runs in different directions. I don’t like the mousie thingie as much as I likes the birdie thingie. I ain’t never caught that mousie.

I likes my new toys. My human promised me to take moving picktures of me playing with my new toys and puts them on his bloggie next week.

I likes living with my human.


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My Human’s Nose-Hose

My silly human has what he calls a nose-hose. It is long and he drags it around with him on the floor. When he walks the thingie wiggles and twists and I want to chase it and pounce on it and bite it and play with it. But my silly human yells at me and tells me to stop because it is his nose-hose and if I hurt it he won’t be able to breath. Isn’t my human silly?

Silly Human’s Nose Hose

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Playing Outside

My silly human doesn’t understand that my friend and I meet outside to play in the wee hours of the morning. The other morning I decided to go out and play but my human was asleep. I gently awakened him by sitting on his face and he chased me into the kitchen. As long as we were there, I decided upon a midnight snack ‘cause it was midnight. Then I went to the door and meowed to go outside. Of course, my human open the door for me. I sat in the open door until I saw my buddy across the street. Then I scatted over to him and we explored our usual night places. My silly human opened the door several times and call my name. Of course, I heard him, but my buddy and I were having fun so I ignored my human. When I did come home about 3:00 a.m. my human asked me where I had been. I just looked up at him. Humans ask silly questions.

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