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Me the LOL Cat


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I Is a LOL Cat!

My human took one of my picktures and made it into a LOL Cat! I am proud to be a LOL cat! My human promised me to make more LOL cat thingies of my picktures. I wants to show thems to you but I still kant figger out how to make them be on my blog thingie. OK?

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I dun’t Understand

I dun'[t understand the WordPress thingie3. It changed since I lasted bloggeded. I dun’t know how to make a picktur be on my blog. I have a picktur I want to show you but dun’t know how to do it. Also, the spell checkin’ thingie dun’t work no more. OK?

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It is kinda a secret, but I am in love. That’s OK for a kitty cat, isn’t, it? Even for a kitty cat whose human had him fixed so he can’t have little kittens to play with? My silly human got himself fixed before I was even a kitten! Silly, silly, silly human!

OK? Here is a picture of Daisy the Curly Cat.

Daisy the Curly Cat

Daisy has her own blog, too. It is here. I think Daisy is a very nice kitty, even though she wants to eat lizards. Yuck! Do you like Daisy’s dress? I told my silly human if he ever tried to dress me up, I’d scratch him a whole lot. OK?

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Did U Know?

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I Hate Fluffy Water!

Alex & Friend

Last night I got to go outside and play with my buddy. Today that nasty white fluffy water in falling from the sky.

I hate fluffy water!


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Silly Human is like a Persian Kitty Cat

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