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My Kitty Doctor

My kitty doctor (Caryl, a veterinarian) telephone tonight and asked my human about me and if I have healed from that nasty rump lump and if my hair grew back OK and a bunch of other things. My human said she thinks I am a gentleman kitty cat. She also said that her kitty cats do not like the cold and the fluffy water any more than I do and that they sleep at night with her like I do with my human.

I think it was very nice my kitty cat doctor telephoned and asked about me She is very nice, except when she sticks me with things. OK?


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See what my human and my veterinarian did to me? They said it was because I had a lump on my rump. I did have a lump on my rump and it really hurt bad. Real, real bad. So I am happy that the lump on my rump is now gone.

My veterinarian said that lumps like the one I had generally come from being bitten by another cat and if the lump is on the front that kitty cats were fighting and if the lump is on the rump than the kitty cat who has it was running away. But I do not run away from other kitty cats!!!!

Well, maybe sometimes-if the kitty is a mean and nasty kitty cat. OK?

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My Worry-Wart Human…

stuffed me like I was a dirty towel into my carrying case like it was a laundry hamper and drived me to my Veterinarian’s place. He was worried about a lump on my rump that I fixed before he took me to my doc. I just licked it and licked it and licked it until it bursted and all the nasty stuff came out.

I showed my human how I made the lump on my rump go away and he still stuffed me into my carrier and took me to see Carol, my doc, and she took blood out of me (ouch) and gave me a shot and then my silly human made an appointment for me to go back on Wednesday for another shot and to have all four of my feets pedicured which I don’t need cause I like my claws long.

Are all humans as silly as my human?

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