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Hurray!!! Kitty cat Vada has come home. I am happy.

I am not so happy that my silly human is again ketching me and pushing ick-ee medicines into my mouth.  OK?


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S E E Quine, who drawed the pickture of me up on my heading, has lost her kitty cat, Vada. She and Vada’s sister kitty cat, Violet, are lonesome without Vada. Please say prayers that Vada will come home. Maybe you could write S E E Quine and Violet a little note on their website HERE? OK?

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It Is NOT True!

My silly human wrote to a blogger who always drinks alcohol when she blogs that I am buzzed when I blog ‘cause of imbibing catnip. I use catnip moderately and recommend that all kitties do, too.

Sorry I was away: I had to run around in circles and take a catnap. Now where was I? Puuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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Look at this video. I think it is my momma and maybe my brothers and sisters.

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It is kinda a secret, but I am in love. That’s OK for a kitty cat, isn’t, it? Even for a kitty cat whose human had him fixed so he can’t have little kittens to play with? My silly human got himself fixed before I was even a kitten! Silly, silly, silly human!

OK? Here is a picture of Daisy the Curly Cat.

Daisy the Curly Cat

Daisy has her own blog, too. It is here. I think Daisy is a very nice kitty, even though she wants to eat lizards. Yuck! Do you like Daisy’s dress? I told my silly human if he ever tried to dress me up, I’d scratch him a whole lot. OK?

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A visitor to my house yesterday asked my human what kind of kitty cat I am. That’s silly. I am a boy kitty cat. What kind of human is she, the one who asked the question. She is a girl human. I think that looking for any other differences between humans and between kitties is just silly and can be nasty. Like, is a Persian kitty better than me? Is a human with white skin better than a human with black skin? None of that makes any difference at all. All kitties are just kitties and all humans are just humans. Of course, all humans are also silly. OK?

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Did U Know?

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