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I Hate Fluffy Water!

Alex & Friend

Last night I got to go outside and play with my buddy. Today that nasty white fluffy water in falling from the sky.

I hate fluffy water!



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My Kitty Doctor

My kitty doctor (Caryl, a veterinarian) telephone tonight and asked my human about me and if I have healed from that nasty rump lump and if my hair grew back OK and a bunch of other things. My human said she thinks I am a gentleman kitty cat. She also said that her kitty cats do not like the cold and the fluffy water any more than I do and that they sleep at night with her like I do with my human.

I think it was very nice my kitty cat doctor telephoned and asked about me She is very nice, except when she sticks me with things. OK?

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Nasty Fluffy Water!

Snow, snow go away!

Come again next year!


Snow Cats

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