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Happy Easter

Happy Easter

all you blogging kitties and doggies and birdies and hamsteries and lambies and mousies

and all of you silly humans, too.

Easter Cat


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Non-Human Bloggers

Did you know that I am not the only kitty cat who has a blog? And I know of a doggy and a birdie and even a little hamster who write blogs.


My human keeps getting these award thingies for his silly blog. I think we non-human bloggers should have an award thingie of our own. Don’t you think that’s fair?


I asked my human to help me make one but he says he is too busy. But someday we will make one and give it to all of us non-human bloggers. OK?


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My Human’s Doggies

My human wrote about doggies he has had a long, long time before I owned him. You see how silly humans are? He waited until he was a very old human before he got smart enough to let a kitty cat possess him.

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Alex’s Christmas Kitty

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of my kitty and human friends, even to doggies and mousies.




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Little Bitty Doggie

New humans moved into the house next door to where me and my human live. The front porch on that house is one of my favorite places to nap outside. I like the back yard, too. I climb the fence and jump on the branch of the little tree-not a big tree like the one I got stuck in when I was a little kitten-and bat at its leaves.

Yesterday, after I got my human’s attention and he opened the door for me, I explored the yard and then decided to nap on the porch next door. I had just curled up when I heard a bark-bark-growl from around the corner of the porch. I look up and saw that a little bitty doggie, maybe half my size, owns the humans who now live in the house.

I stood up and arched my back at the little doggie, but he kept making nasty noises at me. As you know (I hope) I am not a scaredy cat, I am a mouse hunter. But I didn’t want to hurt the little bitty doggies, so I jump off the porch and came back to my porch.

Can any of you humans-or maybe the doggies who own you-tell me how to make friends with this little bitty doggie?

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