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I haved a new bloggie thingie HERE

U all comed over and seed it! OK?


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It Is NOT True!

My silly human wrote to a blogger who always drinks alcohol when she blogs that I am buzzed when I blog ‘cause of imbibing catnip. I use catnip moderately and recommend that all kitties do, too.

Sorry I was away: I had to run around in circles and take a catnap. Now where was I? Puuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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I dun’t Understand

I dun'[t understand the WordPress thingie3. It changed since I lasted bloggeded. I dun’t know how to make a picktur be on my blog. I have a picktur I want to show you but dun’t know how to do it. Also, the spell checkin’ thingie dun’t work no more. OK?

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter

all you blogging kitties and doggies and birdies and hamsteries and lambies and mousies

and all of you silly humans, too.

Easter Cat

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Non-Human Bloggers

Did you know that I am not the only kitty cat who has a blog? And I know of a doggy and a birdie and even a little hamster who write blogs.


My human keeps getting these award thingies for his silly blog. I think we non-human bloggers should have an award thingie of our own. Don’t you think that’s fair?


I asked my human to help me make one but he says he is too busy. But someday we will make one and give it to all of us non-human bloggers. OK?


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I am a better blogger than my human and still he won’t let me on the computer very much.

My human types with only one of his toes on each of this two hands. I type with all four of my paws and all of my toes. See:

Blogging Alex


So I am better than my human and he should not get upset when he finds me on our computer. OK?

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