I haved a new bloggie thingie HERE

U all comed over and seed it! OK?


Hurray!!! Kitty cat Vada has come home. I am happy.

I am not so happy that my silly human is again ketching me and pushing ick-ee medicines into my mouth.  OK?

S E E Quine, who drawed the pickture of me up on my heading, has lost her kitty cat, Vada. She and Vada’s sister kitty cat, Violet, are lonesome without Vada. Please say prayers that Vada will come home. Maybe you could write S E E Quine and Violet a little note on their website HERE? OK?

I Haz New Toys!

My human has bought me some new toys ‘cause I keeps losing my toys. My old toys are under things where I cants reach them. You know, like furniture and stuff.

So my human come home the other day with a birdie thingie on a string on a stick. My silly human taunts me with the birdie. He floats it above my head and I trys to grab it. Sometimes I do grab it. One time I even yanked the stick thingie out of my human’s paws!

My human also brought me a mousie things that runs around the floor and my human pushes button and the mousie runs in different directions. I don’t like the mousie thingie as much as I likes the birdie thingie. I ain’t never caught that mousie.

I likes my new toys. My human promised me to take moving picktures of me playing with my new toys and puts them on his bloggie next week.

I likes living with my human.

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Me the LOL Cat

I Is a LOL Cat!

My human took one of my picktures and made it into a LOL Cat! I am proud to be a LOL cat! My human promised me to make more LOL cat thingies of my picktures. I wants to show thems to you but I still kant figger out how to make them be on my blog thingie. OK?